“John Ballou is the MacGyver of art”Josh Brook

John Ballou, is a sculptor, painter and all media artist, as well as an architect who has always loved nature and it’s inhabitants. John’s artwork brings the observer into the environment as a fellow creature who shares a particular niche with these creatures, rather than as an intruder looking in from the outside.

To accomplish this he pays great attention to lighting, mood and detail. For his wildlife series, John uses the ancient art of intaglio etching. With engraving tools he renders a web of white lines on a surface of dark ink. He does this by etching through the surface of ink to the white under layer of clay. This allows for the maximum contrast of light to dark.

John has worked extensively with biologists and other animal researchers to get input on the intricacies of animal behaviors. He then translates this information, along with his skill as an artist, into the insightful works that he is known for.

In recent years John has embarked upon a whole new range of artistic endeavors to add to his collection. Along with combining painting, etching and drawing into works of art that can only be classified as mixed media, John has also launched his talents in the direction of Public and/or Corporate sculpture. Bigger is not necessarily better, but John has been making sculptures and mixed media works that grace the public landscapes and lobbies of many corporations and cities.

To maintain the personal & spiritual aspects of his artwork, John has added spirit animal paintings to his retinue. Long passionate about Native American lore & culture, John works with Native medicine women to help people identify their spirit animals and express them in dynamic paintings.

From the tabletops and walls of private homes to the corporate lobbies and public spaces of cities of the world, John has always enjoyed the challenge of starting with nothing and making something that can stand the scrutiny of time.